Visit from a LG Global Challenger Team

[photo LG Global Challenger Team]

On 16. August 2019, a LG Global Challenger team from South Korea visited our group. The team, consisting of the students Alvin Choi, Wooyoung Jo, Heeryung Heo, and Yoojin Bang from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, (KAIST), was on their two-week tour through a handful of research labs all around Europe.

The team was most interested in the various modelling methods currently used for biological processes in the human body, and our modelling software COPASI. We talked about some of the challenges the field is facing now, and discussed about what technologies and services might be available in the future. They wanted to find out how far we are from reliably modelling whole organs, to assist the development of artificial organs in the future.

The LG Global Challenger program competitively selects teams of students, who are then funded to travel the world and visit academic groups in order to talk with them about research questions that the teams chose for themselves to work on.